Is Extreme Feminism Really Anti-Feminism?


This was posted on the Facebook page Setting Women Free From Outdated Societal Standards. Surely there will be debate because this kind of observation always sparks debate.

Read it and weigh in:

“I’ve been seeing a lot of “reinvented” cartoon characters, dolls, etc. made to look fatter or have makeup removed- in the name of feminism. 

Folks, that’s not feminism at all. 

When a woman is changed to suit someone else’s beauty standards, that’s anti-feminism. 

Feminism is:  Accepting that some women like a little or a lot of makeup, some don’t like it at all.  Some women are fit, some are muscular, some are very thin, some are curvy, some are large, and you know what? That’s OK as long as they are ok with their body!! 

Some women like to wear clothes that cover every inch, some like to wear clothes that offer comfort, some like to wear bejeweled clothing, some like short-shorts, some like cleavage, some like dresses while others like pants. The point is, it is a PERSONAL choice. 

Women should not be condemned by those who claim to be feminists for their clothing choices.  Toys are toys, dolls are dolls. The ‘feminism’ extremists (Whom I suspect may actually be teabaggers.) want dolls to have little or no make-up and to only appear ‘realistic’. Well, what is realistic? There are lots of shapes and sizes. Not to mention the fact that it is a TOY just like any other toy. It is intended for fantasy play and nothing more. Toys are not intended to be role models. Parents are. I don’t see them going after Cabbage Patch Dolls or Buzz Lightyear.  The fact that these extremists want every woman and girl to fit into the ideal image they’ve created tells me they are anti-feminist. I hope you’ll do whatever the hell you want with your body and ignore these idiots.”


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Kimberley Johnson

Kimberley A. Johnson (BIO) is the author of AMERICAN WOMAN: The Poll Dance & The Virgin Diaries and an activist for women’s rights. Like her on Facebook, Twitter or follow her on FB