5 Of The Stupidest Arguments Against Feminism


Anti-feminists (AFs) have tried for eons to keep women from gender equality. And while they have won some battles, their gains are minimal because they come from a place of fear and willful ignorance – never a recipe for lasting success. You’d think they’d come up with some new material. But they just keep spewing the same old tired BS over and over and over – much like when a three-year-old discovers something that makes their parent laugh, and they repeat it so many times it just becomes nauseatingly irritating.

Here are five stupid arguments against feminism that won’t die – because AFs don’t have anything useful or factual to say:

1. Feminists hate men.

If you say or believe this, allow me to congratulate you for being as lazy and unimaginative as any sexist can be. You also need to know that insult is about as old as the crust in your underwear. It’s been used against feminists since the dawn of feminism. Seriously, get a new line.

I’m a feminist and I don’t hate men. Boom. That stupid little “theory” is disproven. And if you think about it for more than one millisecond, you would realize that there are millions and millions of feminists worldwide. If we hated men so much, we would stop having sex with them and there wouldn’t have been a population explosion. No one would be getting married and most heterosexual intercourse would cease. Is that happening? No.

AFs also like to cite Irina Dunn’s quote, “A woman needs man like a fish needs a bicycle.” and twist the actual meaning into some kind of man-hating battle cry. This makes me wonder if the person who sees this quote as man-hating is actually mentally impaired – because it really isn’t rocket science.

The quote means women shouldn’t have to RELY on men for anything. Your refusal to recognize the difference just proves you have a serious, perhaps psychological, fear of equality. This is a clear signal that you have anger and/or deep-seated insecurity issues and should investigate the meaning of those feelings with a capable and trained professional. Maybe some deep breathing and Yoga will help you. Spreading falsehoods as a way to feel superior is not only sad, but also a sign that you are a broken person.

2. Feminists condemn women who are stay-at-home-wives or moms.

Another silly falsehood. Here’s what: feminists believe in: CHOICE. We simply want the same choices men have. Stay home, get a job – all good.

Conversation OVER.

3. Feminists are all lesbians or witches.

If you’ve ever used this argument, it’s time to stop watching the 700 Club and check yourself into a psychiatric ward STAT. Because you are officially in need of serious medical attention.

That is just the stupidest argument EVER. If you make that claim, you prove you have as much imagination and critical thinking skills as a pile of dirt. Some feminists are lesbians. Some feminists are witches. But guess what? Not all of us are. Duh. And you know what?

There isn’t anything wrong with either! 🙂

4. Feminists INSIST everyone has to agree with them in order to be called a feminist.


As mentioned, I’m a feminist and I have a lot of feminist friends who don’t see things exactly as I do. For instance, one friend thinks men should pay for all dates. I, on the other hand, think that it’s okay for women to pay for a man when she asks him out. My friend and I have never argued about this. We just see it differently.

If you wish to identify as a feminist, you DO have to believe that women should be equal in the EYES OF THE LAW. The definition has only one meaning: “The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.”

A woman who calls herself a feminist but votes for candidates who are against the interests of gender equality is not a feminist. Simple. That isn’t an opinion. It is fact. You may not like it – but too bad for you. Facts are facts. Your stubborn aversion to the truth does not alter the truth.

There are many reasons why people don’t want women to achieve total equality, none of which are justified. Sometimes it’s because of religion. Sometimes it stems from fear of personal responsibility: the woman who would rather a man take care of her than taking responsibility for her own financial well-being and feels, perhaps on a subliminal level, that if all women were oppressed, such a stance would then be easier to justify. In other cases, it comes from learned behavior – it’s what one sees while growing up. None of that is a justification for inequality.

5. Feminists are humorless harpies.

This is an easy one to disprove. While comedy is about individual taste – there is someone on this list for just about everyone. And just because YOU many not think some of these women are funny doesn’t mean millions of others agree with you.

Funny feminists include: Ellen DeGeneres. Tina Fey. Sarah Silverman. Amy Poehler. Margaret Cho. Chelsea Handler. Wanda Sykes. A few more.

Anti-feminist trolls try and try and try to intimidate equality-lovers with name-calling and spreading lies. Their secret hope is that women will all of a sudden back down and say, “Oh, this equality business is just too much for my little lady brain. I think I’ll stop advocating for equality of the sexes because it feels so yucky to battle with the big, strong men who tell me I hate them, and the angry, self-defeating women who have a giant rods up their hind quarters.”

But trolls – your cowardly approach usually just firms up our feminist resolve and we fight harder. We mock you and you deserve it.

You can’t even come up with good insults. Trust me. It’s really, really, really bad when Mike Huckabee and Pat Robertson are your mascots. Free your mind.

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Kimberley Johnson

Kimberley A. Johnson (BIO) is the author of AMERICAN WOMAN: The Poll Dance & The Virgin Diaries and an activist for women’s rights. Like her on Facebook, Twitter or follow her on FB