New Republican Legislator Convicted Of Child Abuse


The Montana State legislature has a new member: Gilbert Bruce Meyers (R-Box Elder). Not only is Meyers one of the new crop of Republicans who attained office in the wave that took place this past Election Day, he is also a convicted child abuser. He unseated Rep. Clarena Brockie (D-Harlem), who has served District 32 for the past two years. She is also the Dean of Student Affairs at Aaniiih Nakoda College.

Court records show that Meyers was convicted of assaulting his eight-year-old son Isaac. According to his wife, this was not an isolated incident. The sentence was suspended on the condition that he not reside in Broadwater County, where the family lives. In the pre-sentence report, his wife Victoria stated that his five children feared him and were afraid to ride their bikes or even sleep in their own beds because “they know [Meyers] is around town, somewhere.”

How can something like this happen? It seems that the “wave” enjoyed by the Republican Party this past November 4 was aided and abetted by Democrats who failed, in large part, to tell the real story. According to the Cowgirl Blog, the information about Meyers was never mentioned during the campaign by either Rep. Brockie or by the state Democratic Party. It is also being ignored after the fact.

It is nothing less than shocking that an educator with a good record of governance in her district—a solidly dependable Democratic district—could lose an election to a man with a criminal record. More shocking is the fact that his record was never an issue in the race.

Whether state or federal offices, a whole new class of Republicans is now wielding the reins of power. These are the people who will exert control over passing laws that will affect the everyday lives of average Americans. And yet, instead of going out there, talking to the voters about the issues, getting them fired up about voting in people who will serve their interests, Democratic candidates across the country ran away from the accomplishments of our president, failed to inform their constituents about important facts and generally ran lackluster and sometimes downright terrible campaigns.

Isn’t it time that Democrats got a clue and started campaigning as though they’d like to win?

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Ann Werner

Ann Werner

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Ann Werner